I nearly committed suicide due to my addiction to cocaine- Reformed addict

Carlos Agyei, a laboratory technician who is a reformed drug addict, has detailed his struggle with half drugs and how it nearly destroyed his life.

He admitted to using hard drugs after completing his national service and was on his way to becoming a permanent employee at a prestigious health facility.

He noted that his addiction to drugs caused a doctor to fire him, causing him to move to Kumasi to work, but he was still unable to work diligently due to his addiction to drugs.

Appearing on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said his aunt was the one who worked on the protocol for him to work at the Kumasi-based hospital, but due to his love of drugs, he could no longer get a stable hospital to work.

In explaining what led him to use drugs, he stated that his former fiancee paid him a visit and brought some drugs with her.

“The lady was into drugs, but I wasn’t into cocaine, crack, heroin, or marijuana, but I was into alcoholic beverages and cigarettes,” he explained. We went out after she arrived, had a few drinks, and returned. We wanted to have sex, but she had previously stated that she needed to take some drugs to prolong the pleasure. I was manipulated, but I took the drugs.

I felt ill two days later, so I went to work and took some medicine, but it didn’t work. So I called and complained, asking why I was having the reaction. Then she told me I had to take it again before I was okay. I was perplexed and wondered why I was going through this. She then returned to me with more cocaine. I thought that was it, but it became a habit.”

I was the one who gave her money in order for her to buy me more drugs. I became inactive and dull at work at one point. My coworkers noticed that I had become dull and began to question me. I began travelling around solely for the purpose of purchasing. I went to Kumasi at times and eventually got a joint in Ahafo to buy the drugs. I later began skipping work. just so I could go out and buy drugs and abuse them.”

I also began stealing in order to obtain funds to purchase drugs. I also began selling my electronic devices in order to raise funds for the drugs. I stole a glucometer from work and was told I had two days to return it. I was unable to return. Later, the doctor I was working with gave me query, which is how I lost my first job.”

He stated that his aunt became concerned because the family expected more from him and later hired people to monitor his movements after learning he was involved in drugs.

She was disappointed in me because I used drugs. She called and asked if I was into drugs, which I obviously was not. She said she was willing to assist me if I would admit it. Concerning the job, she stated that it could not be done because of my behaviour. She then informed other family members of my drug use.”

“I went back to school and got admitted at the school of hygiene in Tamale,” he revealed, after one of his aunties spoke to him about the need to stop using drugs and pursue a new career path if he was not in the health field. I agreed to her suggestion at the time because I needed the money to get high on drugs.”

”She sent me $200, which I spent on drugs. She sent me dees, but I used half of them for drugs. Several sums of money sent to me for a mattress and feeding were all spent on drugs. I went to school and was able to spend a semester there. I couldn’t get my hands on the drugs because I didn’t know where they were sold. So I didn’t use the drugs for the first three months. My aunty was pleased with the transformation and sent me money for my fees because she trusted me. However, due to an administrative challenge, we were forced to spend two weeks at home. I relapsed after returning home for those two weeks.”

He said he could not change and went back to school, he was back to using the drugs and had discovered a joint where he could get the drugs and spent all his fees on the drugs.

He said he could not even purchase his handouts and pay his fees, and the lecturer who got the school for him discovered he had not paid his fees.

He also stole a fellow student’s phone, and it became a disgrace for him in the school.

He had to drop out of school and leave home to live in the ghetto, where he met up with friends who were involved in criminal activities, stealing from people, and recounting an incident in which he was assaulted by an angry mob.

He claimed that it took the intervention of a woman who knew him and realized he was the target before the nob stopped attacking him.

He disclosed to host Kwabena Agyapong that he contemplated suicide at some point and tried recoveries several times but failed until he came into contact with Chosen Rehab Centre, where several other reformed drug addicts are currently going through rehabilitation.

He claimed that the straw that broke the camel’s back for him was that he was buying items from a shop to sell, but he began stealing from the shop whenever he went there to buy.

The shop owners, on the other hand, caught him on CCTV.

The shop owners humiliated and assaulted him, and the shop owner instructed the shop attendants to throw him from the top flow to the ground.

He claimed that the woman who came to buy threatened to stop buying from him if he was thrown from the top flow to the ground.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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