EC planning to disenfranchise 3 million Ghanaians- NDC

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has slammed the Electoral Commission once more for announcing its decision to make the Ghanacard the sole form of identification for voter registration.

In response to the EC’s announcement that it will no longer use the guarantor system and will instead rely on the Ghanacard, the party’s general secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, said the EC is attempting to disenfranchise its members.

This follows the EC’s decision to eliminate the guarantor system for the use of the Ghana card.

“If the EC is going to use a system to disenfranchise about three million Ghanaians [who do not have Ghana card], does that result in a free, fair and transparent elections because right from the word go, those people have been cut off. The intention is to disenfranchise NDC people so they [NPP] win the elections that is why they are claiming to break the eight.”

The Electoral Commission has stated that it will no longer use the guarantor system.

It stated that the guarantor system is fraught with difficulties and cannot provide a secure system of voter registration for the country.

However, the NDC’s chief scribe believes that the EC cannot be trusted with these new electoral amendments.

“This is a position the EC has taken and we have been fighting it. I believe that our position makes sense and the EC’s communication did not convince Ghanaians that, they are on the right track and we believe that we shall overcome it.”

“If the argument by the EC is that, they are not going to touch the existing register, how will the new names go and clean the old register? It means that, they have something hidden they do not want Ghanaians to know”, he said.

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