Contradictions, & confusion on Aisha Huang expose our security as porous & weak- Analyst

According to discourse analyst Eric Ohene Quarteng Afari Gyan, the government is perplexed by the Aisha Huang saga.

The expert said the contradictions, confusions, and disparities in narratives from government communicators and the President himself have revealed a weakness in issue communication.

In a radio interview, President Akufo-Addo stated that he did not know if Aisha Huang had been deported. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, his Information Minister, stated that she was repatriated.

On their charge sheet, prosecutors claimed Aisha Huang sneaked out of the country.

In response, the analyst stated, “When you listen to the president, his information minister, and the prosecutors, you can only summarize and say that the government is completely confused.”

We don’t know what to believe after listening to the president and his minister.”

“There is a lack of clarity, and it appears that there is no teamwork in government,” he told the news team. We would not be witnessing this mess if there was unity. This only goes to show how porous and vulnerable our security is.

I am not a security analyst, but this is what I see happening. The minister is even exaggerating to explain the issues, and his position even explains that Aisha Huang committed no criminal offence.”


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