Your ministers are incompetent, they’ve run down the economy, accept the bitter truth- Prez told

Political scientist Mt. Samuel Boateng has asserted that the response from President Akufo-Addo to the several calls on him to reshuffle his minister to bring new faces and fresh ideas to his governance was not the best.

He explained that the work of the government should reflect on the lives of Ghanaians because they elected him into office, and because of Ghanaians, he has a job as the President.

The political scientist said the performance of the appointees is something Ghanaians are concerned about, and the ”President asked Ghanaians to be citizens and not spectators. Therefore if some Ghanaians feel the performance of the appointees is not the best, they have the right to speak. As the head of state, you should listen”.

Although ”the President claims the performance of his ministers is outstanding, they have run the economy down and performed abysmally. Is he [Nana Addo] satisfied with the incompetence of Ofori-Atta? Is he happy with the current state of the economy?

The cedi depreciation against the dollar is at the fastest rate. The Road Minister scrapped the road toll without approval from the President. Is he [Nana Addo] happy as the President that all this incompetence is ongoing?

He should remember that Ghanaians voted for him, and if we are not satisfied with his performance, we will criticize him and draw his attention to the challenges confronting us.”

He was speaking on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

Mr. Samuel Boateng said several ministers have failed to discharge their duties as expected and must be sacked.

”I don’t know why the Finance Minister is still at post. He should be fired. He is incompetent. What are the Health Minister, Education and Road Ministers still doing at post? As for the Agric Minister, the least said the better. He has a political ambition and so, he is not concentrating on his job. The same can be said about the Trades Minister.”


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