Over 1b lost to irregularities at MDAs- 2021 A-G report

According to the 2021 Auditor General’s report, the state lost GH1,080,913,824 due to various irregularities at Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

This figure, however, represents a significant decrease from the GHc 2,053,176,449 recorded in 2020.

The report noted that the irregularities “represent either losses that had been incurred by the State through the impropriety or lack of probity in the actions and decisions of
public officers or on the other hand, the savings that could have been made, if public officials and Institutions had duly observed the public financial management framework put in place to guide their conduct and also safeguard national assets and resources”.

The report said, of the GH1,080,913,824 lost to tax irregularities in 2021, GHC 989,026,225, or 91.5% of total losses, were attributed to tax irregularities, an increase from the GHC694,386,436 recorded for tax irregularities in 2020. This figure is primarily attributed to some GH402,804572 owed to GRA by 28 Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) who failed to pay their rescheduled debt to GRA between January 2021 and December 2021, and a further GH249,800,802.00 in outstanding duties and taxes on oil lifted that 17 OMCs failed to pay on 29,995,530 litres of oil they lifted to the Ghana Revenue Authority, Customs Division between January 2021 and December 2021.

Furthermore, a total of GH1,559,424 in contract irregularities were reported, with GH1,188,816.00 of that amount being interest paid on delayed payments for contract certificates raised. This figure represents a significant decrease from the GHC171,364,190 in contract irregularities discovered in 2020.

In addition, cash irregularities cost GH45,763,607, accounting for 4.23 percent of total irregularities. Unapproved disbursements, unpresented payment vouchers, unaccounted revenue, unsupported payment vouchers, funds to bank not credited, non-lodgement of public funds, misapplication of funds, and unretired imprest are examples of cash irregularities.

Payroll irregularities totaling GH5,583,498.00, including some unearned salaries totaling GH1,501,740.00 paid to 146 officers of 47 institutions under the Ministry of Health, rent irregularities totaling GH7,710,925.00, including GH600,013.00 due from government workers from 13 Health Institutions who defaulted in rent payment, and US$993,600.00 due government from 48 occupants of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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