NPP to meet Prez candidate hopefuls over endorsement by party executives

As part of efforts by the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), to forestall the occurrences of party executives and other officials endorsing presidential candidate hopefuls-which is in breach of the code of conduct- the National Steering Committee has agreed that a meeting is arranged with all presidential hopefuls.

The meeting the party revealed is to court their support and full cooperation in respect of their compliance with the Party’s Code of Conduct.

“For emphasis, arrangements are being made to that effect,” the party said.

The statement which was signed by General Secretary lawyer Justin Frmpong Kodua reiterated the need for all presidential and parliamentary hopefuls and their supporters not to breach the code of conduct.

“We wish to further reiterate that the leadership of the Party is determined and committed to ensuring that activities of all Party executives or officers, individuals, groups, supporters and loyalists of presidential and parliamentary hopefuls, do not breach the Party’s Code of Conduct for presidential and parliamentary primaries.”

The statement further explained that the institution and enforcement of these measures are not intended to aid the electoral advantage of any prospective candidate but to prevent tensions that often arise in the lead up to presidential and parliamentary primaries and secure a united Party front for the 2024 general elections.

“Finally, the Party reiterates its commitment to ensuring a free, fair and peaceful conduct of its presidential and parliamentary primaries as it seeks to win a-historic third consecutive general elections (break the eight).”


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