Nana Addo will reshuffle in Sept. based on the influence of two persons- Analyst

Sustainable Development expert Michael Ebo Amoah has said despite the comments by President Akufo-Addo that he will not reshuffle his appointees, there could be a reshuffle.

He claimed on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that two persons have an influence on the President and have access to him anytime, and these individuals have advised him to reshuffle.

Michael Ebo Amoah posited that it is likely that there would be a reshuffle.

He indicated that reshuffling could be done in September, or he is waiting for the party to open nominations for the interested persons who want to contest the presidential primaries to resign, so he will take advantage of that to reshuffle.

The lecturer added that it would have been prudent for the President reshuffles now since it will serve some gains.

He also expressed worry over the claims by the President that persons calling for the reshuffle want to destabilize his government when their own members have called for the same.

He warned any action by the President could affect the next person who would be taking over from him in the next election.

He asked the president and the party to consider those who would carry the flag after him so they would not find it difficult in expelling some of the actions of the current administration.


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