Mother seeks justice for her son, who is suffering from stroke after a teacher allegedly struck him in the head with a stick

A senior high school student’s mother is demanding justice for her son, who was allegedly canned by his teacher and later suffered a stroke.

According to the mother, Madam Rakia Haruna, the student of Great AMASS suffered a stroke after the teacher allegedly stroked his head several times.

In recounting his son’s ordeal, the mother stated that he [Son] had Malaria and was therefore unable to attend school in January, as announced by authorities.

He returned to school in July, and when he arrived, he was fine, had recovered, and nothing was wrong with him.

But when my son came home from school, he didn’t look well; he was frailed, so I asked what was wrong with him.

Then he revealed that a teacher had entered the classroom and requested that all students who were now reporting to school come forward.

My son went forward as the science teacher had requested, and then the teacher threatened to cane them for arriving late to school. But my son pleaded and explained that he had been taken ill hence the reason he reported late.

However, the teacher struck his head with a stick he was holding. My son then inquired as to why he [Teacher] did so. The teacher responded by saying he would have kicked him on the floor even if he had fallen, the mother said in an interview with Kwabena Agyapong, host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

The mother went on to say that his son told him that the teacher tried to hit him with the stick, but he blocked it with his hand, but then he started shivering and crying. My son then approached a desk and wanted to lay his head on it, but the teacher stopped him and told him to kneel under a tree in the school. My son knelt for several hours until the teacher permitted him to return to the classroom.”

After the incident, the mother said his son became weak, and so he was brought home by some friends.

The woman who was upset said she brought her son to school the next day and was shocked and devastated when she saw the stick with which the teacher had hit his son.

When she filed a complaint and the teacher was summoned, he claimed he was disciplining her son for being disrespectful and that coming to school was unimportant.

She went on to say that the school failed to address the problem and instead blamed her for what had happened.

The mother stated that she informed the son’s father, who directed that he be brought to him so that he could be taken to the hospital.

He was treated and released, but after we returned home, his condition deteriorated, and he collapsed. We rushed him to a nearby clinic, where the doctor informed us that my son’s condition was due to a heavy object strike.”

She claimed the school paid Ghc500 to assist with medical bills but did not respond again until the family shared the story with some radio stations, at which point the school pleaded with the family, claiming it would tarnish the school’s image.

According to her, the school promised to cover the medical bills, but they refused, prompting her to share the story with some media outlets again.

She added that her son is currently receiving medical treatment at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

But my son is suffering, he has suffered numbness on the left side of his body. He is unable to move, eat or even drink.


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