Kroboland: 35 of our transformers, substations were destroyed- ECG

Technicians working to restore power to Krobo areas cut off from the National Grid have discovered that 35 of the company’s transformers have been tampered with.

Area manager Christopher Apawu stated that the anomalies endanger grid-connected households.

He claims that most of the transformers have been tampered with, that most of our earth leads have been severed, and that we have stolen fuses. Because these earth leads and fuses are mostly copper, they are sold as scrap.

According to his assessment, the majority of the transformers that had been disconnected had been reconnected by unknown individuals.

This, he lamented, had destroyed their transformers and equipment.

Most of the transmission lines that they sectioned while troubleshooting prior to the cut off had been connected back but not professionally, and these were connected with cables that destroyed the transmission lines.

He went on to say that the ECG was able to repair 28 of the 35 destroyed substations and was only left with seven, but that didn’t mean the assessment was over.

He stated that they later restored six of the seven remaining substations, but they later discovered other issues, such as unprofessionals reconnecting their network.


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