Don’t joke with danger signs of pregnancy or blame a witch for them- Midwife

A midwife at the Mamprobi General Hospital Mrs. Gyesi Allotey, has underscored the need for every woman to be aware of the danger signs that occur during pregnancy, as complications can be unpredictable.

Vaginal bleeding, severe headache, vision problems, high fever, swollen hands/face, and decreased fetal movement are all danger signs are all things pregnant women should be aware of.

She explained on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that it takes 280 days for pregnant women to give birth, but some deliver before 37 weeks, which is known as pre-term.

She stated that bleeding could be the cause of this, and that pregnant women who bleed should not take this for granted and should seek medical attention immediately because this is a dangerous sign.

The midwife emphasized that the only time a pregnant woman will experience blood is when the pregnancy is complete, so any type of bleeding is questionable.

She also advised pregnant women to avoid self-medication, particularly if they have severe headaches.

She bemoaned the fact that some women take paracetamol in the hope that the headache will go away.

Meanwhile, she has urged men to support their pregnant wives and encourage them to seek medical attention on a regular basis to ensure safe delivery.

“If you don’t make a move, something will happen,” she said. If you make the move, the medical officers will assist you in managing your complications.”

“Don’t blame witches,” she said to those who also blame witches and send their partners to see pastors. When you see these signs, take your partners to the hospital so they can receive the best medical care possible.”


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