Baby with umbilical cord dumped at a refuse dump

Residents at Ejura Badukrom, a suburb in the Ejura Municipality, have been left in shock following the dumping of a day-old baby boy at a public refused dump container

The caretaker of the said refuse dump/toilet Zack Zakaria, who first saw the baby, expressed shock.

According to him, he found the baby dead with the umbilical cord on and was covered with a mat.

The assembly member for Badukrom/Community Centre electoral area Hon Kasim Faisal said this was the second time this has happened in his tenure of office and said they are liaising with the Police to find the mother who did ”this horrible thing”.

Some residents who spoke on the matter called on the Police to investigate the matter and bring the offender to book.

They could not understand why some people cry to have children when others are blessed with the same but dump them.


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