‘Wheel of Justice Grind Slowly phrase making people in the justice system lazy- Criminologist

Criminologist Dr. Opoku-Ware has declared that the saying that ”the wheels of justice grind slowly” has the potency to make people in charge of our criminal justice system lazy.

He said in a country such as Ghana, the more the wheel grind slowly, it has the potential to thwart efforts of criminal justice.

He wondered why we have not been able to resolve the death of Captain Major Mahama since he died in 2017.

”Let’s not try to use these kinds of phrases to get people to be lazy and not do their job. Let’s use the system we have; let’s find a way to build it and make sure it is robust and make sure that no matter what, the system will work.”

He said we have to get to a point where people who offend the law would be punished no matter who they are.

Dr. Opoku-Ware underscored the need for the justice system to value people and ensure persons who offend the law are punished so it will serve as a deterrent to others.

”If someone offends the law, we must punish the person, so it will make the country safer”, he added.

Lawyer Adu Tutu who was listening to the show agreed with the submissions of the criminologist, saying the justice system must be overhauled. There are too many bottlenecks that people take undue advantage of”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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