We can work out modalities for you to pay SSNIT contributions you’ve defaulted- SSNIT to employers

Director-General of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), Dr John Ofori-Tenkorang has advised employers to desist from defaulting on the payment of SSNIT contributions for their employees.

He described such acts as criminal and punishable by law hence employers must take steps to pay all outstanding contributions of their employees, he added.

He has therefore urged all employers who have defaulted in paying the SSNIT contributions of their employees to go to SSNIT and have it resolved.

The laws of Ghana he noted treat SSNIT as a serious business because it is important.

“The law requires that employers pay SSNIT contributions for their employees. It is a criminal offence to default in paying the contributions. It is not a civil offence but a criminal offence. You could be jailed for that.

If you have defaulted on paying the SSNIT contributions of your employees, come to SSNIT, speak to us, and we will work out the modalities for you to pay the contributions and all the interests of them. But if you refuse to pay we will drag you to court and have you prosecuted,” he warned.

He was speaking at a stakeholder meeting with leaders and members of the Muslim community to find ways to expand and deepen coverage of the Basic National Social Security Scheme to self-employed workers.

The meeting formed part of a series of engagements to seek stakeholder buy-in and support to extend coverage of the SSNIT Scheme to the self-employed and workers and workers in the informal sector.

SSNIT, Dr. John Ofori-Tenkorang, said it has become necessary to extend coverage to informal sector workers not only to increase the active membership and contributor base of the Scheme, but also to ensure that every worker in Ghana enjoys social protection. This, he added will help reduce poverty and over-dependence on family relations and friends during old age.

He explained that the SSNIT Scheme is a contract and pays 60 percent of the highest insured amount to members during retirement, further stressing that once a Member qualifies for pension, the person receives monthly pension for life subject to an annual increase.

“The SSNIT Scheme offers unique benefits and provides value that no other Pension product offers. The Scheme gives superior value to invested Members’ contributions. The Trust pays minimum pension by subsidising pensions for pensioners whose salaries were woefully low during active service”.

“The Scheme pays invalidity pension regardless of age and with minimal contribution and also the SSNIT Scheme provides a life policy by paying survivors when a Member passes on”, he said.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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