Some Police officers are not happy about how leaders interfere with high-profile & murder cases- Criminologist

A criminologist, Dr. Jones Opoku-Ware has revealed that some top officers are not happy at how political leaders interfere with their investigation into how profile and murder cases.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said that “some Police officers will tell you that, immediately they start investigating high-profile and murder cases, the kind of calls they receive and the kind of appeals they get from people to either drop the case or slow the investigation is terrible”.

“They will also tell you that these things demotivate them and compound their inability to resolve all these cases.”

He explained that the Police put in their best to probe cases and take them to court but the political interference from different people affects their work.

The lecturer posited that if we allow the Police to work without any interference from anyone, they will perform exceptionally well.

He said these inherent contradictions in our judicial and criminal justice system are affecting the progress in dealing with murder cases in Ghana.

He expressed confidence in the Police adding that, with the right support, logistics and independence, they will function effectively.

The Police in Ghana Police he added is one of the best and they should be supported.


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