Bribery, mounting of billboards, vote-buying not allowed during primaries- NPP to aspirants

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has warned all aspirants contesting the internal national executive elections against mounting billboards at the elections grounds.

The party says persons who violate the directive would be sanctioned severely.

Addressing a presser on Wednesday, the Chairman of the Committee, Peter Mac Manu, disclosed that aspirants are allowed ro campaign but are not supposed to mount billboards.

“All aspirants and their respective supporters are hereby advised and cautioned not to engage in a campaign of insults and/or name-calling.

He also advised aspirants to conduct their campaigns with civility and decorum and avoid dirty campaigns of insults and vilification.

”Any display of opulence, including but not limited to the mounting of billboards is seriously frowned upon. And if infringing aspirants will be dealt with accordingly”, he warned.

Aside from the directive, the party has also warned aspirants against acts of bribery and vote-buying in its upcoming national delegates election.

According to him, such acts undermine the country’s constitutional democracy.

“All aspirants and or their agents are therefore warned not to engage in any untoward behaviour that can be interpreted as bribery or treating within the meaning of the Representative of People’s Law 1992, PNDC Law 284, which are serious criminal offences.

The National Election Committee has therefore engaged the Ghana Police Service who will be on the election grounds to strictly enforce the laws and arrest anyone found to be in the breach of PNDC law 284. There’s a law in this country that covers treating and bribery, and we’re going to enforce it”, he added.

Delegates of the NPP are expected to go to the polls on July 16, 2022, and elect the national executives for the next four years after the term of the incumbent leaders came to an end.

By: Andrews Akowuah/

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