Persons who flogged two persons over a leaked sex video must be arrested immediately- Lawyer

Private legal practitioner lawyer Obiri Boahen has called for the immediate arrest of persons who flogged the two teenagers in Wa over an alleged sex tape.

The lawyer explained that the fundamental rights of the two were breached and the Police should immediately arrest those behind it.

Lawyer Boahen posited that the Constitution of Ghana supersedes any cultural rules of any society.

He said he felt scandalized and disappointed in the residents for their lawlessness.

Lawyer Boahen went on to state that the two victims can sue the persons who flogged them and may end up with compensation.

The lawyer said Ghana is not a lawless country where people take the law into their own hands and assault people.

He said if someone wrongs you, you have the responsibility to either report the person to the police or seek legal redress.

Lawyer Obiri Boahen further posited that the chiefs and the people who engaged in the lawlessness can be prosecuted.

“No matter the culture of a community, the Constitution is the Supreme. We cannot entertain such lawlessness in Ghana.”


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