My addiction to drugs caused my mother’s death, made me sell my taxi & killed my manhood- Reformed Addict

A reformed drug addict, Antwi Oakwa Enoch has shared his experience with cocaine and its adverse effects.

Appearing on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said he had to sell his taxi, home appliances and other items just to satisfy her desire for cocaine.

According to him, his first encounter with cocaine was after some foreigners had left the drug in his taxi.

He disclosed that he took the drug to his friend, who was already into drugs, but the friend convinced him to do it.

He explained that the use of cocaine i8s is not something he will encourage anyone to do because it is not good and destructive.

He went on to reveal that after his first encounter, he had to start buying the drug from peddlers, pushers and other persons.

The use of cocaine, he added, led to the death of his mother because of the trauma she went through.

He said the late mother had to sell her cocoa farm to secure his release from prison.

”After I was released, my mother gave me a bible and asked me to change, but I sold the bible and used it to buy cocaine to satisfy my desire., he added.

The reformed addict said he had gone through over 20 rehab centres but the Chosen Rehab Centre has offered him the best support


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