It was nonsense & ignorant for the Police to use terrorism as an excuse to stop Arise Ghana demo in the evening-Saani

Security analyst Adib Saani has described the excuse of terrorism in preventing Arise Ghana demonstrators from holding their demonstration in the evening as an ignorant excuse.

The analysts explained that although he was in support that a demonstration should not be held in the evening, using the act of terrorism to prevent the demonstrators exposed the Police’s ignorance.

He stated that the other thing he deduced from the excuse was that the Police were acting politically.

Adib Saani said it was arrant nonsense for the Police to have given such an excuse.

He was speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm with host Kwabena Agyapong.

He told the host that ”the excuse was based on an order from above to make sure the demonstrators were frustrated. If the Police had allowed them to use the Jubilee House lane, it would not have resulted in any security breach. The order from above caused the violence on Wednesday. The demonstration would have been peaceful if not for the interference from the government’, he added.

”Terrorism usually occurs in the day. If you understand terrorism and its related matters, you will not come out with such nonsense. It is neither here nor there. It shows that the Police is ignorant of how terrorists operate,” he stressed.


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