Health Danger! Koforidua Central Hospital Using Expired Medical Gloves to Treat Patients?

Health Danger! Koforidua Central Hospital Using Expired Medical Gloves to Treat Patients has gathered that health professionals working at Koforidua Central Hospital are using expired gloves to work.

The intel was first picked up by the Executive Director of the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation, a policy think tank.

Per the details available, the health personnel are using expired medical gloves from January 2022 to date.

Mr. Peter Bismark Kwofie first made a post on Facebook about it which was later taken off for reasons best known to him.

The post on his Facebook timeline however had already traveled far before being taken off.

Before the post was taken off, the hospital management followed up to enquire about the allegations and pictures of the expired gloves.

Before that, sample evidence of the expired gloves which expired in 2020 December was obtained.

One of the posts by Mr. Kwofie before it was pulled down.

The FDA also followed up with the Eastern Regional Hospital to take stock of the expired medical gloves immediately after they picked that intelligence.

The FDA has not issued a statement on the identified expired medical gloves on the next action to be taken

Meanwhile, Mr. Kwofie is asking the FDA to take this matter seriously because it’s a public health issue that many patients’ and health professionals’ lives are at risk with the use of expired medical gloves.

More soon…

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