Ghana’s education system leads to miseducation, undereducation, use technology to solve the problem- Consultant

Lead Consultant of the International Training Centre, a subsidiary under the Africa Education Centre, Pastor Grant Bulmuo, has outlined several gaps in the education sector which he believes should be addressed quickly.

He said Ghanaian students right from the basic to the secondary level go through 12 years of education but only benefit from 5 years of knowledge and skills.

The challenge he explained deprives them of quality education and hard skills leading to miseducation, uneducated are also short-changed.

He stated that there are several gaps we need to fill as a people to address the negative impacts of the challenges.

Appearing on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said the training of teachers in Ghana is problematic and not the best.

To him, just as doctors and nurses get the opportunity to be trained practically, teachers must get the same training.

He faulted the way teachers go to the training colleges and spend time in the classroom for the theories and only spend a few moments getting a feel of the practical way of teaching.

He further identified technology and leadership as part of the challenges confronting the education sector.

In his view, we have not tapped into the technological space to advance education in Ghana.

He suggested that the country needed to equip educational institutions and individuals with the appropriate tools, skills, and training resources to enable them to maximize their potential.

He lamented that the world is gradually getting to a point of economic crisis hence the need for Ghana to adopt measures to deal with the challenges, and one of such measures, is through the digital space, he said.

For this reason, the International Training Centre is rolling out several digital courses including, Graphics Designing, Animation, Web Development, Software Engineering, and Digital Marketing among, others.

He said the world is changing, and employers are looking for persons with exceptional digital skills for the job market hence the need to train people in these areas.

The Africa Education Gateway is an education conglomerate with a vision to “BUILD FUTURES TODAY by making accessible and empowering relevant Projects & Organisations that will equip individuals, educational institutions and governments with appropriate interventions, tools, skills, resources and services which will enable them deliver their mandate effectively and maximise their goals.”

Currently, AFRICA EDUCATION GATEWAY consist of and is not limited to three (3) members; & Advocacy)
School World (Events & Media), Africa Teachers Academy (Training & Resources) and EDUTECH Capital (Hardware & Software)


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