Blame political parties for monetization of internal elections- Boahen

To help prevent the issue of monetization in internal party elections, a Deputy General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), lawyer Obiri Boahen wants political parties, especially the two major political parties, to expand the electoral college.

Lawyer Boahen stated that this is an agenda he has been pushing for decades, but the two major parties have not given it a try.

He averred that the situation where some candidates pay delegates or induce them with gifts would end if parties expand their electoral college.

”This is not an issue I want to revisit because I have consistently demanded an expansion of the electoral college by political parties, especially the NDC and NPP. This is a campaign I have led for decades and yet, the parties don’t want to do it.

”Let us expand the electoral college. TRhat is the only solution we have left. If we are not prepared to do that, then there is no solution.”


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