Threats of terrorism are not new, they’ve existed for years; we need collective solutions- Analyst

Security analyst and terrorism and counter-terrorism specialist Adib Saani, says the threats of terrorism against Ghana are nothing new.

He said several experts and research available have consistently called on the government of Ghana to take steps to address such threats.

He advised authorities to deal with unemployment because it is a major problem facing the country and terrorists could take advantage of the situation.

He advised leaders to be accountable to the people, eschew corruption and provide the services the people want to prevent people from taking advantage of their challenges to influence them negatively.

Unresolved chieftaincy disputes and ethnic conflicts he warned could be potential issues terrorists could thrive on in staging an attack hence the need for leaders to address them.

He said ”it is important to deal with the threats. The media, CSOs and other professionals must come together to address these threats”.

He is advocating for screenings at our malls since they are potential targets for terrorists.

For this reason, he wants the President to issue an executive order for all malls, churches, mosques and other public places to install metal detectors in their facilities.

This he added is not the intimate solution but will add to the security measures.

He explained these terrorists are intelligent, and by their modus operandi, they establish businesses and warehouses as part of their plans to attack their targeted countries.


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