It is enshrined in the bible for Christians to pay taxes- Prof. Martey

Former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Prof. Emmanuel Martey, has encouraged Christians to pay their taxes.

The man of God says it is enshrined in the bible for Christians to pay their taxes as required of them.

According to him, “the Bible urges Christians to pay tax. The Bible commands us to pay taxes too. For these same reason government workers need to be paid, they are serving God in what they do, give to everyone what you owe them, pay your taxes and government fees to those who collect it and give respect and honour to those who are in government”.

“Jesus himself approved the payment of tax to the ruler when the denarius coin used in paying tax was given to him with Cesar’s image, Jesus replied render therefore to Cezar the things that are to Cezar’s and to God the things that are for God”.

Very Rev. Prof. Martey said this while speaking at a Public lecture in Koforidua on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, organized by the Ascension Congregation of Presbyterian Church to mark its 140th anniversary.

He encouraged taxpayers to demand accountability from their leaders and ensure their taxes are used for what they were intended for.


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