We’ve not done enough to address the challenges of PWDs-Dr. Apaak

Chairman of the Disability Caucus in Parliament Dr. Clement Apaak has underscored the need for the government and the nation to put in measures to address issues affecting PWDs.

He was of the view that Ghana has not done much in addressing the challenges confronting PWDs.

He made the remarks at a Disability Inclusion Retreat for select Members of Parliament aimed at giving our Disability Caucus in Parliament an opportunity to better understand disability issues.

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”As Chairman of the Disability Caucus in Parliament, Dr. Clement Apaak believes it is his contention that as a nation we haven’t done much in addressing challenges that persons with disability face, we have only been paying lip service,” he posited.

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To him, this must change, adding, that persons with disabilities have rights, and these rights must be respected and given effect. To help push for change targeted at enhancing the rights of persons with disabilities requires that lawmakers understand the several barriers preventing persons with disabilities from fully participating in society.

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The MP for Builsa South added that disability is not inability.

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“Anyone can be disabled at any point in life. This is another reason why we all have a responsibility to remove barriers excluding persons with disabilities from accessing services.

It’s a shame that after passing the Disability Act in 2006, we have public buildings and public spaces built, which are not disability friendly as required by law,” he indicated.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal/Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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