Posterity will be the best judge-Justice Abdulai reacts to SC’s dismissal of his review case

Private legal practitioner Justice Abdulai who had his application for review of the earlier Supreme Court ruling that Deputy Speakers have voting rights says posterity will be the best judge following the dismissal of his application.

Speaking to journalists after the dismissal of his application on Tuesday, April 26, he said “I think we have to move on as a nation. What I didn’t want was the situation where posterity will question us as to why we didn’t take this small window of opportunity that was available to us for a possible review of the decision of the Supreme Court on the 9th of March.

“I think posterity will judge our call in the positive light that we did everything we ought to have done to get the sort of judgement that we needed but this is what the Supreme Court says and we all have to live by that.”

The Supreme Court has dismissed a review application seeking it to review its March 9, Judgement which said Deputy Speakers have voting rights.

The court presided over by Justice Jones Dotse in its short ruling said the application for review fell short of the threshold needed to warrant a review.

The review case was heard by Justices Dotse, Nene Amegatcher, Prof Ashie Kotey, Lovelace Johnson, Mariama Owusu, Celemenfe Honyenuga, Gertrude Torkonoo, Prof. Mensah Bonsu, Emmanuel Kulendi.


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