‘I was sold for $3,000 to work as a maid after being promised a job by my sister in Kurdistan’-Lady

A young Ghanaian lady who travelled to Kurdistan for greener pastures has expressed regret and currently crying to return home following maltreatment, lack of food and ill health.

The young lady Adjoa Mansa [not original name] was initially invited by her cousin under the premise of securing work for her.

But to her disappointment, that was the case upon arriving at her present location.

Narrating her ordeal on Frontline on Rainbow Radio, she disclosed that she got to Kurdistan before her sister or cousin informed her she was coming to work as domestic help.

Adjoa Mansa said she confronted her sister and told her she was not ready to work as a domestic help because medically, she would be fit for that job.

However, her sister told her the deal had already been signed, and the cost of travel was paid by an agent, hence she had no option but to work.

She told host Kwabena Agyapoing that the agent was the one that paid for her travel expenses, so they were the ones she would have to settle if she wanted to return to Ghana.

She is expected to raise $3,000 equivalent to Ghc25,000, to return to Ghana, or she would have to stay and work for two years to pay for the cost of her travel paid by the agent.

According to her, several of them are malnourished because they are not served balanced meals.

She disclosed they are only served breast and dinner.

The breakfast she said was a small piece of bread and a small cup of tea.

She added that they are only given rice meals as dinner.

”I want to return home. I am struggling. I cannot work because I only sleep at 2 am after going through a day’s work. I clean, wash and do other household chores. This should serve as a lesson to other young ladies. The e3xperience here is not an easy one. I will not advise ladies to travel with the aim of securing a job. It is not as gloomy as painted by others,” he declared.

Another challenge she spoke of was access to mobile phones as their master seize their phones and passport and cut them from all forms of communication.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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