Biden announces an additional $800m security assistance package for Ukraine, bans Russian-affiliated ships

US President Joe Biden has disclosed that the US is banning Russian-affiliated ships from its ports, in a move to “ratchet up the pressure on Putin”.

President Biden said “No ship that sails under the Russian flag, or that is owned or operated by Russian interests, will be able to dock in a US port or access our shores. None, none.”

Speaking at the White House, President Biden described the battle for Ukraine’s capital Kyiv as an “historic victory” for Ukrainians.

He added that it was now necessary to accelerate support for the country.

The President said in order to continue supporting Ukraine for the duration of the war, he would ask US congress for more money next week.

Responding to claims from the Kremlin earlier today that Russia had seized control of Mariupol, Biden said there was no evidence yet that the port city had completely fallen.

He further announced an additional $800m security assistance package for Ukraine.

He explained that the aid will include heavy artillery weapons, ammunition and tactical drones, will be sent “directly to the frontlines of freedom”.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops not to storm the Azovstal steel plant, where the last group of Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol is holding out.

He has however instructed them to seal it up so even a “fly” cannot escape, and says Russia has control of the strategic port city.


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