My addiction to drugs made me steal lands, impersonate people & engage in fraud-Recovery Ambassador

A drug recovery ambassador King Noah has detailed his experience with hard drugs and the shocking revelations on how he got money to purchase the drugs.

Appearing on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, King Noah said he engaged in criminal activities such as fraud, stealing of lands and impersonation so he could get money to satisfy his addiction to hard drugs.

He revealed on the show that his modus operandi was about mounting signboards to claim ownership of lands belonging to others in the name of the government.

After doing that, he engages in the bidding of the said lands and gives it out to the highest bidder.

One other thing he did was to seek the help of a friend who was formerly with the Ghana Revenue Authority, who assisted him to print GRA receipts so he could use them to dupe people in the name of the tax collector.

King Noah said he went to jail on several occasions for the crimes he committed and at some point, went to the psychiatric hospitals due to his addiction to hard drugs.

He is currently working with Chosen Generation of Jesus Christ, a non-governmental organization that focuses on the rehabilitation of addicts.

Chosen Generation of Jesus Christ is a faith-based, non-profit organisation with an Orphanage, Men and Women Rehab Center which has spearheaded the rehabilitation of people with highly addictive behaviours, mental disorders and substance abuse since 2008.

The NGO embarks on outreach programs to the Slums/ Ghettoes with the aim of rescuing children and addicts and offering them food, shelter, medical care and transforming them into disciples of our Lord by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The organization Holds A “Say No To Drugs & Alcohol” campaign in Schools, Churches and Youth Camps across the country. We give out free breakfast every morning to the underprivileged and also run a cell/prison outreach where we visit the cells and share the gospel with the inmate and give them food as well.


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