You owe Ghanaians an apology for peddling lies about our economy before admitting the challenges-NDC MP to Prez

Member of Parliament for Builsa South and a Deputy Ranking Member on the Education Select Committee of Parliament, Honorable Clement Apaak, has taken on the Nana Addo-led administration for peddling lies about Ghana’s economy for years until it recently admitted there were challenges.

The legislator says several individuals and experts had raised concerns over Ghana’s crippling economy and yet, we had government officials including the President himself claiming the economy was on track.

He explained that his stance is based on the Executive’s initial denial of the ails of Ghana’s economy and what many had predicted was going to happen, which the nation is currently experiencing.

He said even in the face of these challenges, the President was busy flying private jets around the world.

“I mean we had government officials even including the President, constantly telling us about how well the economy was doing when we all knew it wasn’t. At a time when the retreat should have occurred, when that crunch meeting should have occurred, the President was still busy flying from one nation to the next in a very expensive private jet.”

Clement Apaak speaking on the current economic situation in the country stated that some lawmakers are also bearing the brunt of the ongoing economic hardship.

He disclosed that not all MPs get allocation for fuel as against the assertion that Members of Parliament get free fuel, as such do not pay attention to the increment and how it affects the people. He revealed that it is only the Executive members that get these free fuel coupons.

“Just for the record, I buy my own fuel. We hardly get the sort of benefits the Executives get. So, there is a huge disparity between the benefits that Members of Parliament get versus those who serve in the Executive.”

According to Clement Apaak, the economy is clearly in its current situation because of a “colossal failure” on the part of the leaders, who have been entrusted with powers to act on the people’s behalf. He posited that they have rather acted in their own interest instead of addressing the conditions that affect the people.

Clement Apaak was of the view that the crunch meeting by the Executives to propose solutions to the current economic woes rather came too late.

“So, as far as Parliament is concerned, we are all waiting to hear what the Finance Minister has to say. I can tell you that on a personal level, I am not impressed at all with the nation’s leadership which I am part of.”

Touching on the issue in the education sector, the MP said he was worried that pressing issues in the education sector had not been addressed.

He revealed that the government has still not made provisions for the education sector in terms of some educational materials for examination and funds for infrastructure amongst others.

“Do you know that as we speak, the issue of arrears in terms of the capitation grant is still outstanding? Do you know that many of these basic schools are expected to organize exams or tests for their students and yet no provision has been made for them to do that? Are you aware that the issue of textbooks is still hanging?”

The Builsa South MP disclosed that the provision of textbooks for the new educational curriculum introduced by the government has not been made yet.

He mentioned that the schools are still awaiting these books from the local publishers who according to the government, had been awarded the contract. He stated that this has become a concern that needs to be addressed.


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