We need a policy that will cut down all forms of importation by 60%-NPP MP

The Member of Parliament for Akim Swedru Kennedy Osei Nyarko is calling on the government to implement a policy that will cut down all importation by 60%.

He opined that the move will reduce the extreme pressure on the cedi against foreign currencies.

Aside from this, the move will also increase in the demand for locally manufactured products.

He wrote “Government should implement a policy that will see the cutting down on all importation of foreign goods into this country by 60%. This am sure will reduce the excessive pressures on our currency and also drive up demands for locally produced items. This will encourage the local companies to produce more and also scale up exports. Government should damn the consequences and any threats from any importer groups and rather look at the bigger picture and the benefits to the country at large”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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