Sex is a great stress reliever, increases bond, prevents prostate enlargement- Doctor

A gynecologist at the Ga East Municipal Hospital, Dr. Benedict Afari has described sex as a form of stress reliever.

The medical practitioner speaking on the dangers associated with unprotected sex and its related challenges explained that despite the dangers associated with unprotected sex, it has several benefits.

Dr. Safari said in the process of sex is an exercise and improves metabolism and further helps you reduce unwanted calories.

He indicated that losing unwanted calories promotes and improves the health of people.

“As men have good and great sex gives you great benefits and reduces stress. Good and great sex makes you healthy and reduces your stress level.

He went on to explain that sex helps increase the bond between partners.

“Sex is important and can promote good health,” he stressed.

To men, having great and enough sex can help prevent prostate enlargement.

He however cautioned against multiple sexual partners, oral sex since they have the potential to spread Sexually Transmitted Infections.

He said “if you want to protect yourself, then stop licking and sucking the genitals of your partners. If you don’t trust people then don’t practice oral sex. Just engage in penetrative protective sex”.


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