Govt announces cuts in fuel coupons, places a moratorium on the purchase of new vehicles, foreign travels & more

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta has addressed Ghanaians on measures the government has taken to mitigate the current economic challenges.

The Minister highlighted the outcome of deliberations during the cabinet’s three-day retreat at Peduase lodge last weekend disclosed that the government has effective immediately imposed a 50% cut on the cost for meetings and conferences by all government institutions.

On expenditure measures, he said discretionary spending will further be cut by an additional 10%, adding hiss Ministry is currently meeting with MDAs to look at their spending for the rest of the three quarters.

These times he explained calls for the effective use of our energy resources, and in line with this, there would be a 50% cut on fuel coupons for all political appointees and heads of government institutions including SOEs effective February 1, 2022.

With immediate effect, the government has imposed a moratorium on the purchase of imported vehicles for the rest of the year.

This will affect new orders, he added.

Again with immediate effect, the government has imposed a 50% moratorium on all foreign travels except pre-arranged critical statutory travels.

The conclude will also conclude ongoing measures to eliminate ghost workers on the government payroll by the end of December 2022 and the energy sector IPPs charges to further reduce excess capacity payments by 20% to save the country 1.5 billion Ghana cedis.

The government has also placed a moratorium on the establishment of institutions by end of April 2022.

It will further prioritize ongoing projects to new ones to ensure efficient use of scarce resources.


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