We should not allow a coup to happen in Ghana although we cannot rule it out-MP

The Member of Parliament for Manso Adubia and Deputy Agric Minister Yaw Frimpong Addo has noted that a coup is not an option to oust a non-performing government.

According to him, a coup is not an option and it is not guaranteed that the one who organizes the coup will perform better.

The legislator posited that it would be prudent to wait for the years of a validly elected government to be exhausted instead of using a coup to remove them from office.

As a student of security, the MP went on to state that we should not even discuss a coup as an option to change a government.

“We should not entertain coup. We have to stop discussing it. There are better ways to remove a government from office. It is better to vote out a government than to use guns to oust them from office.”

Mr. Yaw Frimpong Addo said “a coup has serious consequences for a country and as people, we must not allow it to happen again”.

He stated that “persons who stage a coup do not care if you are an NPP or an NDC. They do not care about the party you belong to. If they declare that you should sleep at six, you have to sleep at six. Is that what we want?”

He said “Ghanaians should learn from history. If we have learnt from our history, we would understand that a coup should not be an option. We have a democracy and we must protect our democracy. If we believe someone is corrupt, we have to allow the state institution in charge of dealing with corrupt cases to deal with it. We do not have to use a coup to oust a government. Would you kill suspected corrupt persons after your coup? If you kill them, what would be the outcome?”

On the issue of hardship in the country, he said there was no doubt that Ghanaians are complaining of hardship but it would be prudent to do comparative analysis and analyze the world economy after the outbreak of Covid-19.

He assured Ghanaians that the current administration is doing its best to bring back the economy.

Meanwhile, he has opined that the coup recorded in Burkina Faso and Mali could occur in Ghana but stressed that it should not be an option.

“We should not rule a coup out. We should be reminded that it could happen in Ghana. Nobody should rule out a coup in Ghana. It could happen in Ghana. But we have made progress as a democratic state and we must be proud of that. We need to let our citizens know that there is no Messiah anywhere in the world. We as Ghanaians are the Messiah. We have time to play in making Ghana work. We should not allow that thing to happen in Ghana,” he added.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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