Recalibrate the budget if you find difficulties in raising revenue-Govt told

Chartered economist Mr. Emmanuel Amoah Darkwah has advised the government to recalibrate the budget statement if it is not meeting its targets.

The economist was reacting to a question on whether the government miscalculated in its budget expectations.

Several government officials made justified reasons why we need the E-Levy.

The Finance Minister has told Ghanaians that without the E-Levy the economy will collapse and free SHS will suffer.

Others have also argued that the E-Levy would help the government create more jobs, construct more roads, pay contractors as well as employ more young persons into the security agencies.

The Speaker of Parliament had also stated that the members of the House would not be paid in the next three months hence they should brace themselves for that.

The issue has been linked to the E-Levy.

Reacting to these issues, Mr. Amoah Darkwah said it would be dangerous if the government was depending on the E-Levy to be able to execute some key projects.

For this reason, he wants the government to recalibrate the budget to meet the current t situation we are faced with.

In his view, we would be faced with a serious crisis if the government fails to recalibrate with the impending challenges we are confronted with.

He added that in any period of abrupt change, we are forced to make adjustments.

He told the host that once you have identified declines in revenue, it’s time to develop and launch strategies that can improve these figures.


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