I would’ve ended up in an unhappy marriage if I had married my first love, a pastor-Celestine Donkor

Gospel musician Celestine Donkor has made it known how she broke up with her first love, a pastor before meeting her current husband.

The musician speaking on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm stated that she discovered she would not have had a happy marriage if she had stayed with her first love.

Narrating the incident that led to their breakup, she said the man of God planned to go on waiting and praying but refused to disclose the location.

According to her, the man of God told her the Holy Spirit had instructed him not to tell her, and “this shocked me”.

“He told me the Holy Spirit had told him not to tell me where he was going. Like joke like joke, he left without telling me where he was going. I am someone who thinks deep and so I thought far into the future and realized marrying someone like him would not help me.”

She added that within that time, she had an attack from an Appendicitis problem but while on admission at the hospital, the man of God never showed up so she had no other choice than to break up with him after she was discharged.

“Interestingly and coincidentally, within that time; I had an Appendicitis problem and so I had an attack. He was aware I had been admitted but he never visited me at the hospital. After I was discharged, I returned his promise ring which he had given me.”

The musician said the man was shocked because he did not expect that the relationship would have come to an end.

She revealed the ring he gave her was to make her close her doors to all other suitors but after what happened, she realized she would have been in an unhappy marriage.

“He did not expect that we would break up. We were very tight. I broke up with him and he was shocked. He begged and apologized but I did not allow him into my life again. It was like a dream to him. I broke up with him and that was it”.

She further disclosed it did not take long before meeting her husband.

She said it was within that same month she meet her husband who she is married with today.

Celestine Donkor’s husband is her manager in her music career since she started her journey in music. They are blessed with three beautiful daughters.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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