Extend sim card reregistration exercise & stop pressuring Ghanaians-NIA administrator

The Administrator at the National Identification Authority (NIA), Cecilia Erzuah, has called for an extension of the sim card registration exercise.

She wants the exercise to be extended to the end of the year since the March ending deadline was not enough to allow Ghanaians register.

She explained that since the exercise started, several Ghanaians have not been able to register hence the need for an extention to the end of the year.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, she explained that there’s a backlog of people who are yet to receive their Ghana Cards.

She also revealed there were others who have had their cards recalled because of multiple and double registration.

The NIA age added was working on these challenges hence the timeline for the SIM registration must be reviewed.

“Well, I said the SIM card registration, they should look at the time frame and extend it. A lot of people haven’t received their cards. There are people who did double, triple, fourth registration, and the system has their cards. All these cards have to be released for them. And we need to work on them at the backend.

Otherwise all these people will lose their SIM. There are Ghanaians who used to be foreigners and have now entered the database as Ghanaians. When they go, MTN refuses to accept their PIN because the prefix; if you’re an Australian, it will start with AU. If you’re a Togolese, it starts with TG. All these people have not been able to register their cards. I think they [mobile network operators] should extend to the end of the year”, she stated.

“What is the rush for? They should extend to the end of the year, so that people can register the card properly. They’re putting unnecessary pressure on Ghanaians”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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