Adansi Asokwa: 16 pregnant women test positive for HIV, 336 cases of teenage pregnancies recorded

The Adansi Asokwa Health Directorate says it recorded 336 teenage pregnancies in 2021 and 16 pregnant women also resting positive for HIV/AIDS.

The District Director of Health David Kunta has noted that teenage reported cases were high and troubling.

Speaking to journalists during the Adansi Asokwa health Directorate end-of-year performance Review at the Adansi Asokwa in the Adansi Asokwa district of Ashanti, David Kunta stated that over 336 teenage pregnancies were recorded whereas 40 pregnant women tested positive for HIV.

”The rate of teenage pregnancy and the figure recorded for 2021 is disturbing. We are currently embarking on education to help reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies recorded.”

He blamed operators of ‘Pragya and Aboboya’ for impregnating teenagers in the community.

On the part of the Adansi Asokwa District Director of Education, Kwame Oduro-Owusu said the Directorate has been using community meetings and school gatherings to talk about the consequences of teenage pregnancies to help reduce the menace in the district.

Urging parents to provide for the needs of their girls’ child, Nana Abuyaa Owusuaa II, Adansi Fomena Kyidom Obaapanin also asked parents to be closer to their girl child to help reduce the teenage pregnancy in the community.

Nana Owusua also called for the formation of abstinence clubs to educate the girls on sex and its effects.


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