90% of Fishing vessels in Ghana owned by Chinese-EFJ

A non-governmental organization, Environmental Justice Foundation has disclosed that 90 per cent of fishing vessels operating in Ghana are owned by Chinese companies.

This was contained in their findings following three months of investigation.

According to the Foundation, the depletion of fish stocks in Ghana’s seas can be attributed to Chinese trawlers.

The Foundation said the owners of the trawlers use complex schemes to create front companies in the country.

The investigation they’re conducted was based on interviews with fisheries experts an analyzing company records and financial documents.

According to them, Ghana’s small pelagic fish populations, such as sardinella, have dropped 80% in the past two decades.

It said sardinella aurita, is fully collapsed. China is the world’s worst illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing offender, according to IUU Fishing Index.

“Any further decline will be catastrophic and have huge socio-economic costs,” Steve Trent, EJF’s executive director, said in the report.

The report added that the activities of these foreigners is common among West African countries, where illegal fishing accounts for 37% of all catches.

These illegal fishing activities cost the region $1 billion a year, EJF said.

The report estimated that Ghana loses $50 million a year through opaque arrangements with companies such as China’s Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Fisheries Co.

The report further revealed that Shandong Zhonglu has established three front companies that hold five fishing licenses in Ghana.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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