EFL wishes Burkina Faso well, asks Ghana to learn lessons from it

The Economic Fights League has reacted to the unstable situation in Burkina Faso.

EFL in a statement said the situation in Burkina Faso must be in service of a popular reclamation of power, and not the shifting of power to military rule as has been the case in countless previous instances, most recently Mali and Sudan.

It asked Ghanaians to reflect on the happenings in Burkina Faso and learn lessons from them.

EFL argued that the duopoly of the two major political parties has created a dangerous situation for the country.

To them, the youth of Ghana have the responsibility to correct that.

“As events unfold in Burkina Faso, we ask Ghanaians to reflect on our own reality in the sham democracy that is the false republic initiated under the 1992 Sakawa Constitution. Our situation of a failing economy and declining freedoms mirrors much of what is happening in our sister nation to the north. The Officer class of the military in Ghana live not like the People they serve, but rather like Emirati Princes; thus rendering the service to the elite instead of you; consider the fact that one of the Burkinabé military’s demands is that the top brass of their military be replaced.

Ghana, we must not take our situation for granted. The NPP-NDC duopoly has pushed our Motherland to a dangerous precipice, and it is up to the Youth to rectify this imbalance.”

It added: “We wish the people of Burkina Faso well in their fight for good governance and real democracy, and stand with them in their struggle to achieve this goal. We remind Lieutenant Colonel PaulHenri Sandaogo Damiba and his military that their mandate is to serve the People, and as such all their actions as a state institution must be solely in the interest of and reflecting the will of the People.”

Read the full statement below

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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