Current gov’t has exhibited incompetence in managing security-Expert

Security analyst Mr. Adib Sani has suggested the current government has failed in managing security issues holistically despite the appointment of several security appointees including the National Security Minister.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said when this government came into office, it was expected that they would have performed well in security managing issues after the several appointments made but they have failed.

He said although there is no breakdown of security in Ghana, there is a sense of insecurity.

He was reacting to the death of the Mfantseman MP, Mr. Ekow Hayford and other criminal activities recorded in recent times.

He said per our crime statistics issued by the police and other relevant bodies, the crime rate is increasing with over 1.2 million illegal arms in custody of criminals who are now more vicious and ahead of the security agencies.

The sense of insecurity in Ghana he opined is increasing on daily basis.

Insecurity he explained is not only about physically attacks but when people feel unsafe, it is a sense of insecurity.

To him, it is not surprising and the only cause is that we have not manage our security issues well.

To him this is developmental issue and the govemrment that believes that the private sector is the engine of growth must take steps to address the sense of insecurity.

He said the current government has exhibited a lot of incompetence so far as the management of security is concerned, and that is why we have rising crimes in Ghana.

He said with the election coming up and when we have weak institutions, rising crimes and the proliferation of arms then it poses a bit of a problem.

“We have to put ourselves together and work towards improving the security state or else we would face serious issues in the upcoming elections”.


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