You’II lose our votes for promising to legalize Okada-Committed Drivers

The Committed Drivers Association of Ghana has threatened that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will lose their votes in the upcoming 2020 general elections for promising to legalize Okada operations.

At a press conference, the Association said the factors that led to the passage of the L.I. 2180 by the erstwhile Mahama led administration 2012 has not changed because people are still dying and others sustaining serious injuries from Okada related accidents.

According to them, Okada riders continue to disregard road safety regulations with people being robbed at gun and knife points using Okada.

The Association noted that the agenda to play on the minds of vulnerable people is enough and must be stopped forthwith.

The press conference which was addressed by Charles Danso, the Chairman; Mr. Anane Frimpong, a road safety advocate, and SK Manu said the youth deserve better and “that is why we will urge political parties, especially the NPP and the NDC to look for better ways of creating employment avenues for the teeming unemployed youth rather than this cruel means if engaging them”.

” Any political party promising to legalize Okada operation will lose our votes. We love our lives, we live the lives of our brothers and sisters riding Okada. We want better and decent jobs for them.

We want successive governments to create a business-friendly environment that will encourage the setting up of more companies, focus more on investing in agriculture, expand our road networks, and also fix our rail lines. The reviving of our rail network across the country will create thousands of jobs and also open up local economies. This where we want successive governments to spend our taxpayers money on and not to legalize Okada which will end up creating problems for us.”

The Association further warned their members will stop obeying road regulations should their concerns remain unresolved.


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