WHY GREAT TALENTS FELL – a lesson for the upcoming ones-Tsormanah writes

Nothing lasts forever but no musician would wish to fade away prematurely. It’s the dream of every artiste to communicate their God given gift to the world. However, not all of them realized this dream to its full length and this is as a result of, but not limited to, the following factors;

Aside the spiritual nature of music its largely a business venture but only few musicians in our part of the world know this fact. They focus on gaining popularity without putting structures in place to keep the business running. Obviously a building with a bad foundation wouldn’t stand the test of time.

After all the necessary studio works, a song is nothing more than a product which is ready to satisfy the needs of consumers. How do you connect with the target audience then?
This process starts from the brand(name & image) behind the product – some artistes have composed chart topping songs but fans still struggle to connect the products to their composers/performers. Upcoming artistes should better engage the services of image consultants or brand experts to save them from a case of BLESS, the ‘Chocho Mu Cho’ hitmaker. Google the name ‘Bless’ and you would be lost reading religious definitions.
Once your name & image is well established, the focus should be on activities which would win the attention of your audience.

It’s no secret the role effective human relation plays in every business dealings. Here, a talent cannot do much so it’s prudent to employ the services a PR. Sadly, our industry places a little value on publicists.

Your immediate family members would be the core team managing your brand. Your success or failure partly depends on this family, and a perfect case study might be the performance of artistes who associated themselves with Linx entertainment. Kwaw Kese’s former manager was also phenomenal.

Stardom comes with busy schedules and making family has it’s own package of responsibilities. Keeping the balance is challenging so artistes are compelled to opt for one and their career suffers in most instances. Biologically, male artistes are less victims as against their female colleagues.

Every brand has its target audience so if your fans are atheists and you switch to feed them with religious products, you’re likely to lose part of your following. And same applies to religious artistes who turn to do secular music. Many of the fans are still struggling to relate to brand Ofori Amponsah because he’s left them confused.

Over dependence on alcohol, pain medications or illegal drugs would eventually lead to physical, social and emotional harm. Irrespective of the general perception of how drugs fuel musicians to give their best, talents could be honed without necessarily resorting to drug usage.

All said and done Ghana is fortunate to have an artiste who has experienced both worlds – Bandana reincarnated to Shatta Wale so you can learn a lot from him.

– Chris Tsormanah

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