Music lovers want to party, not songs to advise them-Iona Reine

Female musician Iona Reine has opined that music fans of today don’t necessarily look out persons who are lyrically good.

The female musician cum nurse told host of Rainbow Entertainment DJ Slash on Rainbow Radio 87.5 Fm that a lot of things have changed in the industry and Ghanaians do not want songs with a lot of lyrics.

In the past, we had musicians with thick lyrics but fans today want songs with few lyrics they can sing along and be happy with.

Iona said people are not interested in songs that will advise them but want songs they can party with and as a musician when you are not careful, you will lose your focus and be swayed because you would want to satisfy your audience and end up doing certain songs that do not gel with your values.

She asserted that musicians apart from their craft are role models and the song they release paint a picture about them.

She quizzed, imagine as a female musician, you release songs promoting the act of sugar daddies, your fans would believe in what you say.

On his part, Chris Tsormanah said music is business hence musicians must see it as such.

He asked musicians to study the market so they know what to feed the market.

They were discussing how musicians could stay relevant in the industry.


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