Man viciously attacked for ‘talking like a girl’

A young man, Richard Kwofie, has been physically assaulted in a trotro over suspicion of being gay.

The human activist and fashion stylist was assaulted on Friday on his way home by passengers onboard the same vehicle.

Rainbow Radio gathered that the young man was viciously attacked and severely beaten in public transport just because others felt he was effeminate and that a guy shouldn’t behave like a girl.

He narrated that on Friday night he boarded a trotro from circle going to Nsawam.

As the vehicle was approaching Achimota Neoplan the mate asked if anyone would alight along the road or they could use the main road, of which he responded that he was going to Mile 7 hence the driver should take to the right road.

After his response, a guy sitting in front of him with his friend replied the driver should keep to the main road which made him ask why that? And his reply to him was “why do u speak like a girl?”. He replied back by asking “how do girls speak? Besides what does it got to do with what we talking about here”.

Before he could finish that statement, someone hit his head from behind and said he is a gay that’s why he is behaving like that and that he is going to beat him up when he gets down from the bus. So he asked him, how do you know if someone is gay? perhaps you are one which makes you be able to identify gays.
Before he could finish the statement this guy begun throwing punches at him and sadly this abuser had the support of other passengers in the vehicle.

‘’One of the punches landed on his face, on his right eyebrow and he started bleeding which made the driver stop the car because it was getting serious.
Immediately the bus stopped one guy pulled him forcefully by the hand from his sit out of the bus so the bus can go,’’ Alex Ahuoden a Human Rights Activist narrated on Frontline on Rainbow Radio.

The victim later walked to the nearby Mile7 police station to report the incident.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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