CID Boss must be arrested immediately as an accomplice in Tadi Kidnapped case-Lawyer

Private legal practitioner, lawyer John Ndebugri has called for the immediate arrest of CID boss, Tiwaa Addo-Danquah because he believes she is an accomplice in the missing Takoradi girls’ saga.

Expressing on the matter the lawyer said the CID boss and the entire police service are complicit in the matter.

Lawyer Ndebugri noted the claims by the CID boss that the police knew where the girls were some few months ago makes them complicit in the whole crime and exercise.

In his view, the CID boss is an accessory to the crime and has therefore challenged President Akufo-Addo to with immediate effect dismiss her so she could be arrested.

He could not understand why the CID will come and make such a comment and then later the police discover remains, which have turned out to be that of the four missing girls following a DNA by the police.

When his attention was drawn to the fact that the CID boss retracted her comments, he maintained ‘’she must be arrested and cross-examined’’ so she would be made to disclose any vital information on the missing girls.

‘’She is a good candidate for arrest otherwise this matter cannot come to rest. She is an accessory to the crime from all evidence available. I [Ndebugri] am saying so…I am saying so very forcefully,’’ he added.

He suggested the comments by the CID boss and her retraction were all part of a grand scheme for cover-up.

‘’She is an accessory to the crime because she is part of the crime,’’ he said.

He also called on Ghanaians to vote out the NPP in 2020 so the CID boss could be arrested and interrogated.

”If Nana is serious, he should dismiss her, and maker her available to be arrested so that can find out exactly what happened in this particular case because it is a very serious matter and cannot be swept under the carpet the way people are trying to do it,” he noted.

He quizzed ”how can people people be abducted differently from different places and the police suddenly comes to say that they know where they are and quickly go to some septic tank ; and how come they went to that septic tank to find those bodies?”

He made these assertions on Accra based Citi FM.


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