‘You will chop slaps should you preach skirt & blouse in 2020’-NDC MP warns party members

The Member of Parliament for Upper West Akim constituency, Mr. Bekoe Ohene Asifo Derek has cautioned members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to desist from preaching ‘skirt and blouse’ in 2020.
The MP in an interview on Saturday said the NDC members should keep up with the tradition of maintaining the NDC because anyone who is caught preaching or campaign for a ‘skirt and blouse’ will be giving hefty slaps.
According to him his record as MP is unmatched and touting some of the things he claimed to have achieved, the MPP said he has improved the poor road network in the constituency since he was elected.
He said the first community day senior high school was in the constituency and Eastern region.
Going on and on, the MP said, what have I not done for this constituency? I have constructed a clinic in Kwesi Nyarko, I constructed a school in Daaman, I constructed a school in Abaan just name it.’’
He said the NDC did a lot of work. However, some persons campaigned and encouraged people to vote ‘skirt and blouse’ in 2016.
He has, therefore, cautioned party members to desist from doing that.
‘’Our people went to the public, went to the voters and preached what we term, ‘skirt and blouse’.
He said, in 2016, although former President John Dramani won in the constituency, he did get the same vote as Mahama because the people campaigned and asked voters to vote on a ‘skirt and blouse’ basis.
‘Skirt and blouse’ voting is a Ghanaian electoral term used to describe the phenomenon in which electorates vote for a presidential or parliamentary candidate of a particular party and vote against the other of the same party.

”I don’t think the phenomenon will repeat itself in 2020. Anyone who will do that will receive hefty slaps from other party members,” he added.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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