Textile Workers Union roar over alleged importation of new uniform of JHS’

The Textiles Workers Union has threatened to go to court over the alleged importation of the new uniforms introduced by the Ghana Education Service stating that the move makes no sense.

The Union says the action by government defeats the agenda for jobs.

“It is difficult to understand why the government will encourage the importation of school uniform. This has never happened before. Government has never sanctioned the importation of school uniform. We are even fighting the piracy of African prints because that has been a problem which has virtually collapsed the local manufacturing industries.”

“This is madness, we cannot understand. It’s madness. Is this the government who wants to encourage investors to create jobs to solve the unemployment in this country? We rather paid people in China to create jobs for their national. I can’t understand because it doesn’t make sense. I have seen videos of the material and it bears the trademark of Printex. What kind of criminality is this when the President has openly declared in Parliament that nobody should bring any fabric through any entry point except the Tema Port. These products are coming from Togo, Burkina Faso and we are sitting down and we are happy with it. They are not paying taxes and duties. What kind of country is this?” he quizzed.

The Daily Graphic on Wednesday published story which suggested that fabrics, are already on the market; though the GES has not officially made them available.

However, the Ghana Education Service has issued a statement rubbishing the claims.

The statement said the GES has not imported, neither has it contracted any individual, locally or international to bring new uniform for junior high schools.

The GES said new uniform can be accessed on the open market, as it has been the case with the current uniform.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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