Pensioner spent eight days with his false teeth stuck in his throat after surgery

A pensioner spent eight days with his dentures – made up of a metal plate and three front teeth – stuck in his throat after he had surgery, it has emerged.

The 72-year-old anonymous man had an operation at an unnamed hospital to remove a harmless lump in his abdominal wall, but six days later he returned after finding blood in his mouth and finding it painful and difficult to swallow food.

According to a report in the BMJ Case Reports medical journal, he was sent home and prescribed mouthwash, antibiotics and steroids to treat what doctors thought were the effects of having a tube down his throat during surgery – and a respiratory infection.

An X-ray of the dentures stuck in the pensioner's throat. Pic: BMJ/PA Wire
Image:An X-ray of the dentures stuck in the pensioner’s throat. Pic: BMJ/PA Wire

But, two days later, the retired electrician went back to A&E with worsening symptoms – unable to swallow any of the medicine he was admitted with suspected pneumonia.

Doctors then found he had a semi-circular object lying across his vocal chords, which had caused internal swelling and blistering.

The report said the man revealed that his dentures “had been lost during general surgery admission” eight days earlier.

X-rays confirmed this was the foreign body lodged in his throat and he was taken for emergency surgery to remove them – and he was discharged six days later.

Source: Skynews

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