Our decision to help experienced MPs retain their seats is to ensure efficiency-Aggrey Darko

The Chief Director at the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Evans Aggrey Darko says the decision by the Ministry to help some MPs retain their seat is to help keep some of the finest and well-experienced MPs in the house.

Parliament he explained is one of the major arms of government and when some of the experienced MPs exits, it affects the quality of work.
He argued the longer parliamentarians stay in parliament, the more experienced they become.

He said even though democracy thrives on allowing people to elect their leaders, it should also be guided by a set of principles to protect the system to ensure we get experienced people to help transform the country.

Dr. Aggrey Darko was of the view that the monetization of politics will take the second coming of Christ to be eliminated but was hopeful it could be minimized to an appreciable level.

Primaries he said must not be premised on money; rather it should thrive on competence and the quality of candidates to represent the people.

According to Dr. Evans Aggrey Darko, the high attrition rate of MPs affects activities of the House, especially lawmaking.

He explained that the situation comes about because most legislators fail to “strike a synergy between being lawmaking and also undertaking constituency activities.

“Those who have been unable to strike that delicate balance have always found themselves wanting.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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