Man refuses to drive bus because it ‘promotes homosexuality’

A bus driver who allegedly refused to drive a Pride-themed bus because it “promotes homosexuality” has been suspended.

The Konectbus employee objected because the service number on front of the 501 service to Thickthorn was rainbow coloured.

He allegedly told customers in Norwich: “This bus promotes homosexuality and I refuse to drive it.”

A passenger said the bus was delayed as the driver swapped vehicles.

According to Becca Sears, the driver then told passengers they would have to wait for him to swap buses.

She has since lodged a complaint with staff at the bus station, adding: “I’m aware everyone is entitled to their own views, however, if you can’t do your job properly because of your bigotry, maybe you need to rethink your choices.”

Replying to her on Twitter, Konectbus said it finds “this attitude, behaviour and level of customer service completely unacceptable”.

Go East Englia, which runs Konectbus, added: “Go East Anglia prides itself on values that support diversity and inclusion and has been a champion of Norwich Pride since 2017.

“We particularly want all customers of whatever background or sexual orientation to feel comfortable on our services.

“As a company we do not condone any behaviour from our drivers that does not support this view.

“The driver involved in this incident has been suspended and a full investigation is under way.”

Some people reacted with shock to the incident, with one social media user writing: “I’m so glad the situation has been taken seriously. Pride month is over, but please still be kind and loving to everybody – no matter their gender, sexuality or race.”

Another suggested the man should instead be given equality and diversity training.

Source: Skynews

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